Here you can find a small selection of papers I’ve published as well as some  of the previews, reviews, and features and I’ve written over the years.


Staines, D. (2010)
Video games and Moral Pedagogy: A Neo-Kohlbergian Approach
Ethics and Game Design: Teaching Values through Play, 35-51

Formosa, P., Ryan, M., Staines, D. (2016)
Papers, Please and the Systemic Approach to Engaging Ethical Expertise in Videogames
Ethics and Information Technology, 18(3), 211-225

Ryan, M., Staines, D., Formosa, P. (2017)
Focus, Sensitivity, Judgement, Action: Four Lenses for Designing Morally Engaging Games
Transactions of the Digital Games Research Association, 3(2), 143-173.

Staines, D., Ryan, M., Formosa, P. (2017)
Morality Play: A Model for Developing Games of Ethical Expertise
Games & Culture, 14(4), 410–429

Ryan, M., Formosa, P., Howarth, S., & Staines, D. (2019)
Measuring morality in videogames research
Ethics and Information Technology, 1-14.

Staines, D., Consalvo, M., Stangeby, A., & Pedraça, S. (2019)
State of play: Video games and moral engagement
Journal of Gaming & Virtual Worlds11(3), 271-288


Super Mario Galaxy 2 (on-site)
games.on.net, July 2010

Deus Ex: Human Revolution (off-site)

Batman: Arkham City (on-site)
Official PlayStation Magazine Australia #61, November 2011

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII (on-site)
Hyper #246, April 2014


New GRID on the block (PDF, 8.5mb)
Hyper #249, July 2014


Videogames and Violence: What are the Facts? (on-site)
Hyper #233, March 2013

What is this thing we call AI? (PDF, 1.6mb)
Hyper #164, July 2009